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Tamara is an advanced Kambo practitioner trained and certified by the IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners).  Click here for more information about the IAKP. Tamara first learned of Kambo in 2014. Ironically, it was shortly upon returning to the US after spending nearly a year managing a retreat center in the Andes of Peru and not ever really hearing much about it. When her friend shared with her about Kambo she immediately knew it wouldn't be long before she would be having her own experience with this strange frog secretion.  After her first three sessions, she definitely felt an increase in her energy, an unexplainable sense of calm and clarity. After many years of agonizingly and unsuccessfully trying to quit a long term smoking habit, she quit without even really intending to, as if the habit quit her, surprisingly without much angst at all. A welcome and unexpected gift of the Kambo! One of the other gifts was a steadfastness to finally realize a long time dream to attend a very intensive training program for photography. Only a few months upon completely the training, Tamara was diagnosed with cancer. She believes Kambo saved her life, although she knows she will never be able to substantiate that. It  has definitely been a profoundly amazing tool and ally on her healing path back to health. The Kambo has helped her to regain her strength physically and provided assistance in identifying and releasing the patterns and trauma that mostly likely contributed to the growth of the cancer in the first place. She will always be overflowing with gratitude for the calm sense of well-being and self love that she has discovered in her ongoing work with and connection to Kambo during this challenging and at times very scary experience. Viva Kambo!!!

Having been a transformational coach for individuals and small business for over 20 years, it has always been my commitment to continue my own healing so that I may be more fully of service. I am humbled to have the honor and absolute privilege of offering Kambo to people so that they may discover their own renewed level of health and clarity.