"My 1st experience was an immense sweat purge. I later realized this is my body's preferred way to release stress & toxins. I felt the Kambo rushing through my body and I thought, go where you need to go and help me heal. I just tried to hold my body upright and breathe through the discomfort. I trusted what was happening, but it was definitely a challenge. I never felt the need to purge (I did purge some of the water in the beginning). I tried to insist a purge and still nothing. Shortly after Tamara removed my medicine, I purged. (I was so relieved that it was off - had I resisted my purge the whole experience?) I rested and felt revived when I woke. I had a new perspective and clean feeling body and mind.

My next experience was one month later. I still threw up some of the water in the beginning. This treatment was more focused on a specific ailment. Tamara and I discussed was I thought was best for my healing at this moment in my life and she gave me a chakra treatment. It was exactly what I needed. This time was completely different. I immediately felt it in my hands (I thought they may lock up on me and that would be ok) and then a rush in my face and head. I did have a fear of my throat closing up but had faith in my experience, my breath and trust in Tamara, especially if I needed help. Time is strange with Kambo. I had had enough but was trying to be patient. I purged about 5 times and each time I knew it was stress I had been needing to GET OUT OF MY BODY!

My face was still swollen the next day and I was so thankful for the experience. Kambo spoke deep to me about patterns I had been seeking to work on. The afterglow is a great enlightening experience as well. I am excited/ nervous for my next 3 day experience. I am wanting a pure cleanse with a focus on busting through certain personal blocks.

Safe travels fellow journeyers.

You are in safe hands."



"Tamara is a skillful and patient practitioner. From the first time i began working with her, she took her time to inform me about the practice and history of Kambo. The respect she has for the medicine coincides with the respect she has for the people who come to work with it. I trust her and am grateful for the friendship that has evolved alongside the years of working with this medicine. Much love and gratitude for Tamara for bringing Kambo and its deep healing and cleansing properties into my life."



"I had been a little nervous about trying Kambo for about a year. Once I felt ready and in the right state of mind, Tamara was one of the only people I felt safe with and could trust. My experience in doing a kambo session with her was healing and pretty transformational on a physical and spiritual level. She made me feel safe and cared for which is incredibly important when going through alot of physical discomfort. You can see within her that she has a deep love and passion for this method of healing. I highly recommend doing a session with her, as her heart and gratitude for this medicine shows in her sessions."



"Although I was of course hesitant about doing the three sessions that I committed to, I felt reassured by the conversations I had been having with Tamara. After the first session everything felt just perfect the way it was. Whatever I was resisting seemed to dissolve, and I felt grateful to be in my own skin embracing the present moment with ease and acceptance. The discomfort I felt was well worth it. It passes and allows new energy to flow through bringing tranquility. Kambo facilitated the purge of stored energy that no longer served me. Such a profound cleanse. After my second session, I woke up the next day feeling absolutely amazing with so much positive energy, while feeling very grounded and calm. I felt like myself in a way I hadn't felt in a very long time. Kambo has really helped me to get in touch with myself in ways so that I have been able to unravel some of the patterns that have been so difficult to alter. Although it is not always easy, I continue taking significant steps toward a more authentic life, discovering profound self love and finding my voice. I will continue to work with Kambo, as I find it an invaluable tool in continuing to peel back the layers that has me creating and actually enjoying my life more fully. Gracias Sapito!"



My first time doing Kambo I went into it with some trepidation but Tamara was so attentive to my needs and provided me with the support, encouragement and motivation I needed to stay grounded while taking the medicine. Round two was much smoother as I knew what to expect and Tamara worked with my Meridian points, a more targeted approach. This is when I really began to notice changes from the power of Kambo. The medicine will open up your senses and allow you to question and explore everything around and within you. I highly recommend Tamara as a Practitioner.


Ken D., La Mesa, CA

"My first experience with the Frog medicine was not at all what I expected.

Tamara's ability to hold a sacred space and allow me to feel safe and calm was amazing. The ceremony gave me a sense of connection to those who came before and after. Quite profound. 

I have experienced it twice now with Tamara and I look forward to it again. Physically my health issues have improved dramatically. 

Tamara is very intuitive and so is the frog."



"I was so lucky to have my first Kambo experience with Tamara. She created a very trusting environment that I felt comfortable and at ease to take this medicine. Since this medicine is very powerful, I feel that having a trusting relationship with Tamara/practitioner and feeling comfortable with the environment you are in, is just as important as the effect of the medicine. Tamara's professionalism really made my first experience very present and smooth. Going through everyday tasks, sometimes I was not sure if I was physically tired, getting sick or just being overwhelmed with future tasks that I needed to do. After the Kambo session, my mind and body reset, and I felt normal and could pinpoint a particular issue a lot easier. I experience a significant difference both mentally and physically."



"I have sat with Kambo and Tamara on 5 different occasions and cannot recommend her or the medicine enough. Her connection to the medicine runs deep which shows in her intuitive sense and attention to detail. She provides a safe and compassionate container for participants to be able to dive deep within themselves and do the work they are there to do. Personally, after sitting with Tamara, I have noticed a heightened awareness around the underlying causes of what has been keeping me stuck which has led to a shifting of deeply ingrained behaviors and a renewed sense of empowerment. Viva Kambo!!"


V B, Portland

“The Kambo ceremony I did this past weekend was wonderfully healing. The medicine knows, Kambo knows, is pure truth. The medicine knows how to synergize with our body and spirit's awareness to create alignment. Within hours of the ceremony, I gained the clarity I was seeking on a stressful situation that was up for me. The intensity of Kambo is real, as well. With Tamara's sensitive and secure guidance I felt supported to surrender to the medicine and the purifying purging it induced without shame. Also, the way Tamara opened the space and tended to each person was perfect. She empowered me to have my own experience in a safe and informed way. The medicine will be with me for some time, if not forever. I feel connected to the earth, animals, plants, and stars more clearly, thanks to Kambo's assertive, purifying, and revitalizing assistance. Overall, I feel more whole and super grateful for this life. Mahalo Kambo. Mahalo Tamara.”


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