Being fascinated with photographs at a young age, I remember unwrapping that first, really memorable Christmas gift in 1970, a Kodak Instamatic. Many cameras would follow that one, and of course, I would be relied upon to capture my family's history.

Being a lifetime resident of Washington state, I have been surrounded and inspired by the beauty of nature for as long as I can remember. It's a great place to uncover how one sees and discover the best light to capture it. With the passing of time, traveling and experiencing other cultures, I have been inspired to photograph people, where they live and how they move through their days.

Photography has definitely evolved and has become a tool to challenge the perspectives, beliefs, and prejudices in my life, and the whole that I am a part, widening and deepening my potential for a greater and more compassionate understanding of myself and others. I yearn to have my photographs touch people in a way that makes a difference for them and may even draw them closer to what they yearn for.

I am sure this lifetime is not long enough for me to master the making of a photograph so that it matches my vision of discovering the significance in the seemingly insignificant and illuminating unlikely beauty that allows for us to experience our connection to one another, if only for a moment.